3 Monster details in A Quiet Place 2!

A Quiet Place has some of the most horrific and brilliant monsters of the last decade. But in this day and age of CG, one issue has become problematic for filmmakers; the audience is fantastic at spotting computer graphics. …

“A successful villain begins with an antagonist’s ability to attack a protagonist’s disabling belief system. Without this ability, we have an inept antagonist, someone who doesn’t have a way of pushing the protagonist out of their comfort zone and into their needed character change.”

The Queen’s Gambit, Tomb Raider, and Atomic Blonde are some of the many female-led stories that have come out in the more recent years, and it’s been absolutely brilliant to see female protagonists be widely explored on screen. Unfortunately, a great many of these films have been directed with a…

“It’s more than writing a sad story, the camera can add a huge amount of power to your words.”

Cameras are this interesting thing that directors either know a lot about or find terrifying! But no matter what type of director you are, when it comes to understanding certain elements…

Robert Macfarlane

Director DOP with 18 years of ecperience in the Film and TV industries.

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